Growing up, I didn't have a normal lifestyle like the average kid. I lived at Blackhawk outside of Danville, CA where my Dad was the head golf professional at Blackhawk Country Club. I loved doing anything with my Dad and tried to copy everything he did too. When I about two years old, my parents left me with a babysitter who was an adult with kids of her own. The sitter left me in the backyard playing in my sand box while she went inside to use the bathroom. Before she returned she heard a big bang and felt the house shake. She came tearing out and found me in the garage in my Dad's BMW. My Dad always left the car keys in the car and I had found them. Somehow I was able to start the car and get it into reverse. That's when I hit the garage door. That was my parents' first indication that I loved the thrill of wild and crazy things. 

I loved going to the golf course and riding in the golf carts with my Dad. Sometimes he let me sit on his lap and "drive" one. When I was about five years old my Mom took me to visit him while he was running a golf tournament. While my Dad was busy talking to some of the players I spied an empty golf cart that had just been returned. The keys were still in the ignition. I jumped in the cart, turned it on and pushed the gas peddle to the floor. The next thing I knew is that I plowed my Dad through a hedge and into side of the golf cart barn! He never saw me coming. Thank God he wasn't seriously injured. I think that is when I lost my golf cart privileges for a long, long time.

I met many celebrities and sports professionals through the years living at Blackhawk, when my Dad hosted celebrity golf tournaments and when he played in the Crosby and AT&T golf tournaments. When he became the head golf pro at California Golf Club he met Tom Brady Sr. who got me into St. Gregory's elementary Catholic School. Tom Brady Jr. was a few years ahead of me there. At that point, his sisters were the star athletes in the family. Tommie hadn't been discovered yet. 

We moved to the San Mateo peninsula where Barry Bonds, Bryant Young and Lisa DeBartolo lived in my neighborhood. Lisa "adopted" me and I had a big crush on her. She let me help her when she threw parties. I was young and would do anything she wanted for free but she was kind enough to pay me. 

When one of my high school campus aide’s, who was a 49er Gold Rush Cheerleader line guy on the side, was shorthanded for one of the home games, he asked me if I wanted to help him out. I did and eventually got a full time line guy gig during home games with the cheerleaders. 

This is the same guy who was also a weekend professional photographer and asked me if I wanted to help him out during a photo shoot. Eventually he asked me to take some photos. He told me that I had a natural eye for photography. This is when I got bit by the photography bug & event planning.  

All of these events besides the fact that I started walking at eight and a half months were all indicators that I had no fear about trying new, wild and crazy things. I've always been able to think out of the box. When that doesn't work, then I'll look under, over or around the box if necessary. Like my Dad, I've never met a stranger. I'm not shy and love talking and helping others. I have unlimited creative visions to share, love challenges to create the unimaginable request and solve clients' problems before, during and after with unlimited energy. This is what drives my success and me.       

Through my clients and various adventures, I've had the opportunity to work with many celebrities over the years and building personal friendships.

I'm not just a visual artist and marketer, I'm a unique problem solver and advocate. I find new ways of doing things even if that means disrupting the technology market. - Advocate For Drone Technology for Public Safety